Saturday, August 6, 2011

time out

 I put myself on a " time-out" today. I have heard of other mothers doing this and if ever I needed one it was today. Coming off of a week of helping out with vacation bible school I felt wiped out and irritated. But what happens when the children don't leave you alone on time out? More frustration.
My "time-out" finally came after dinner when I could do the dishes and sweep the floor in silence as Mark played with the kids outside. Sometimes this evening routine is a chore but tonight it felt like a welcomed respite. My broom and my thoughts working together.
Last night we watched the movie "Soul Surfer" and one line in particular jumped out. Paraphrased it went something like this "It is hard to look at things up close but only later after you step back can you get a better perspective". I feel like mothering is like that. When I am constantly in the throes of it I can easily lose perspective and focus on minuscule things that aren't important. But when given a chance to step back, even a few minutes of alone time, helps to clear my perspective.

I think I might put myself on time out more often...

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Missy. said...

mommy time outs are not over rated at all... i am with ya. :) love your play list right now.