Wednesday, February 8, 2012

legacy of love...part two

   This morning Poppy took his last breaths here on earth. I also finished reading the book "Heaven is for Real", the story of a little boy who had an encounter with heaven. In the book the little boy says "in heaven no one is old and no one wears glasses." I picture Poppy in heaven young and vibrant again like in the pictures, greeted by Jesus and by his sweetheart Nana. It is a beautiful thing when you know there is hope even in death. And in the midst of grieving we can celebrate the lives Poppy and Nana have lived and the legacies they have left behind.
   Writing and reflecting about Poppy and his life got me thinking about Nana...because it is hard not to think about the one without the other. One of the greatest compliments I have received is to say that I look like my grandma, "Nana". She was beautiful, thin and classy. But more than her outward good looks...her spirit was beautiful. I remember in elementary school writing how I wanted to grow up to be like her and then drawing a picture of her wearing her "PTL"  (Praise the Lord) sweat shirt! She loved the Lord with all of her heart and it was apparent in how she lived her life.
   Nana was full of joy and child like faith. She always believed the best about everybody. Last year my aunt shared a story with me how Nana refused to gossip and even if you would try to she would not participate. Whether you were the homeless person she talked to every week at the food bank or her granddaughter she took time for you. She loved to play and could often be seen getting down on all fours to crawl around with the grand children on the floor. Nana was free with her affection and I can vividly remember seeing her kiss my Poppy and sit on his lap.
   I can also remember her singing in church not because of her voice but because she sang with all of her heart. And after the service there was often a line of people waiting to talk to her. She always had a hug to share with them and a word of encouragement. Nana was a prayer warrior and had a sign posted on her bedroom door that said, "Good is me God, I will be handling all your problems today".
   Nana died five and half years ago of Lou Gehrig's disease. She is greatly missed and I know she would have loved giving my kids a squeeze and would probably be on the floor giggling with Hope. But I also know she is happy and free in Heaven embracing the love of her life as he crosses over.
   And my prayer is that more than just bearing resemblance I could live a life full of love for the Lord and others...just like Nana and Poppy.



Missy. said...

so sorry for your loss. death is such a hard thing. so hard here, even knowing we know they are in the place we can only dream about...blessings as your family grieves the loss of such a special man.

Anonymous said...

great post love hearing your heart.....and so sorry of your loss but what a great celebration they must be having together!