Sunday, February 26, 2012

snapshots of life. keeps rolling on. We continue to transition into a new schedule of work and life. Every week's schedule looks a bit different which keeps me "flexible" and allows pockets of time where Mark is home during the day which we all love.  Some weeks are crazy busy with Mark gone almost every evening and other weeks like this past week have been more laid back. It has been hard to keep up with pictures and blogging in the midst of transition though. I have sat down several times to write but find the words don't come or Mark has all the pictures on his camera or laptop.

But all that to say life is good. And here are a few snapshots into our lives these days....

Silas and Daddy taking an afternoon walk in the meadow with their cameras. Silas loves one on one time with Daddy and anything that makes him feel "BIG".

This is so real life....

And this too. Sarah and Silas being themselves.

We continue to potty train this little miss who  going on three but tells everyone she is five. She is quite the character and keeps us laughing with her funny stories and things she says. Last night she came to me with her pants pulled up to her chest and her belly sticking out and said, "Mom look i have a fat thing on my pants like you". She was referring to my high waisted maternity jeans. I laughed so hard. 

Hope holding a rose to place on Poppy's coffin at his funeral...a celebration of his life.

Sarah sporting her brand new haircut. She looks so grown up. 

Sarah and Hope sitting by our new stove reading books. Sarah's  reading has really taken off and she loves to read out loud to her brothers and sister. When I was pregnant with Sarah some people had prayed over me and prophesied that she would be a girl and would have a love for books and reading. It is so cool to see that word come forth.

Moses and Silas enjoying some early morning Daddy time at Central Market. Silas is holding the prize- a bag of donuts to bring home for breakfast.

An early morning walk with Daddy

Moses and Silas have been loving legos these days and can be found playing together for hours in their own world of ninjas and star wars. It makes my heart so happy to watch these boys become buddies and friends and to see them play so well together. I hope their friendship only continues to become stronger as they grow up together.

And in case you wonder what mommy and daddy are up to......

In our free moments we enjoy sitting by the fire and talking, going for walks together.... OR taking weird pictures of each other!!!

So there you have it... a little bit of our lives these days...

Busy. Full. Good. 
Snapshots of life.

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