Wednesday, March 28, 2012

memories are worth a thousand pictures, right?

   So in the beginning of March we took a trip south to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit our good friends Ryan and Denise. We also celebrated Hope's birthday down there and used the time to have a little family vacation before the baby comes. We had a great time. The weather was beautiful. The fellowship sweet. The memories plentiful.

   Some of the highlights of the trip were: going to Marbles kids museum, riding the carousel at the park in Raleigh, eating at Five Guys for Hope's birthday, party of 9 at California Kitchen, finding a car seat at the consignment sale after having a dream about a car seat, having our picnic lunch paid for by a stranger, and seeing NC State where Ryan goes to college.

   Well, I was in the middle of downloading like 30 pictures from our trip onto the blog when the portable hard drive slipped off the chair I was sitting on and then stopped working. We tried a bunch of times to get it working but to no avail. We gave it to a friend who knows computers and he could not get it to work either. Our hard drive is currently on the way to California to get diagnosed. The hard drive had seriously thousands of images on it. I could cry just thinking about it. I am praying that it is something that can easily be recovered. But if not I guess we learned a lesson about backing up our pics...

So here are a few pics from our trip...the ones I downloaded before the fateful hard drive crash.
On a side note this little miss is potty trained! I am so proud of her!
Hayden was a gracious little host sharing his house and toys with four kids

Four on the couch watching "Curious George"

Headed for a morning at the kid's museum

"Buckwalter Builders" at work

Well, there are a few snapshots from our trip.I am hoping our pictures can be recovered...but if not we have the memories we made to take with us...memories are worth a thousand pictures, right?

Here's to memories, road trips and backing up your pictures! :)

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Missy. said...

i haven't had something ~that~ traumatic happen...but when i have disappointing loss of pics, etc. i try to think of the Amish, who don't have one single solitary picture of their kids...i think it's so sad...but that helps me be happy again. :) in case it helps. ha.