Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fighter and Me

   So I have always been a self described "non-animal lover". Mark always jokes that he knew that I was the "one" when picking me up for a date I kicked away a cat that was trying to rub against my shin. I don't say I "hate" animals because that is too strong of a word but I am not a huge fan of furry four legged creatures, especially dogs who jump up and lick you and rub against your leg. The truth of the matter is not only am I not fond of dogs I am actually afraid of them.
   The fear began when as a toddler I decided to run away from home. I crawled under the gate of my fenced in backyard to freedom only to be toppled over by a dog who proceeded to hold me down and lick me repeatedly. That was how my mother found me that fateful day on the road crying hysterically and the rest is history.
   And this week history is being rewritten because.... we have a dog. I can't even believe I am typing these words. I am still getting used to this whole idea.
   The journey began back in January when we dog sat for Matt and Naomi and Sarah fell in love with Bear and the whole idea of having a dog. When Bear had her puppies a few weeks later we went over to visit and again the idea kept presenting itself. Mark gave me a lecture on how great a dog would be for our kids and how it would help teach them responsibility and help them overcome their fear of animals, an unfortunate inherited trait. I was not convinced. I fought. I pleaded my case. But in the end I lost.
   On Monday we brought home nine week old "Fighter". That was the name given to her by the cousins but Mark felt like the name should stick. I was not so sure "Fighter" fit this little female puppy. I was still "fighting" this whole idea.
  So here I am two days in and am learning tons. She is an outside dog and we are in the midst of training her to go to the bathroom, sleep in a crate, sit and come. Sarah is in puppy heaven. Silas likes to take Fighter for walks. Moses is not so sure about the dog and Hope is downright terrified of her. I must admit she is pretty cute right now. And maybe growing a little on me. But there is still part of me that wants to fight the whole idea of owing a dog and needing to let go of my lifelong dislike of them...
So maybe Fighter is the right name after all...she is fighting her way into my life and heart.

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Missy. said... as if now is a great time to incorporate a puppy into your life. eeeekkkkk. great blessings as you journey on. :)