Friday, June 1, 2012

a month of delight

Yesterday Eden turned a month old.  She has only been a part of our family for one month and we already cannot imagine our lives without her! I continue to be amazed by the miracle of life and sometimes I am brought to tears when I think of a month ago how in pain I was and so afraid of labor and delivery and now here she is in our arms...healthy and beautiful.
I always feel like the first month is the most challenging and there is still days where I can feel we are in transition but so far it has been good. I am learning to give myself and the kids GRACE...that is after all Eden's middle name.

Daddy is so in love with his new little girl

i love watching these girls be sisters

Proud big brother...he is such a sweetie.

mama's delight

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Angie Myer said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always!! Glad to hear you're all doing well! :)