Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to Grace...

 Welcome to Summer...Welcome to Grace.
 In two and half hours summer officially commences. I am excited to have all my kids home and not have homework to do or a certain time to have to be out the door everyday.
I also know that having all five kids home everyday all day will be stretching. There will be more fighting, whining, and more demands. There will also be more swimming, bike riding, tree climbing, laughing and fun. I need to remind myself daily to take a deep breath. And enjoy myself. 
The other week I saw this sign in a parking lot and knew I needed to take a picture of it. I knew there was a message in it for me. I was reminded that there is Grace for this season. "Welcome to Grace". I felt like that was what the Lord was speaking to us when Eden was born and that is why her middle name is Grace.
 The sign was in a parking lot behind the grocery store. And I found grace at the grocery store when I took my three week old there for the first time and she screamed uncontrollably at the check out while I was trying to unload my cart and two little carts and keep track of my children. It was a slow morning so one check out lady held Eden, the other check out lady unloaded my cart while the third rang up my groceries! Grace! There is grace when I least expect it....And I will continue to find grace as I let go and receive it for those crazy, hairy moments that come with mothering! 
Sometimes Eden has moments that can be challenging. I forget how much they need and depend on you when they are this little. It seems like she screams and wants to be held in those moments when I am ready to take a shower, eat my dinner or trying to help somebody else. I sometimes wonder if she is really fussy or if I am just more busy....
But regardless I want to receive the grace upon grace that is available as I take my eyes off of the craziness of the moment and see His hand at work in the midst of my days.

Summer begin!

Eden Grace five weeks old and full of sweetness.
The next to last day of first grade....Look out second grade here I come!

Us. Family of Seven at the school picnic. Love! 


Missy. said... the shadow pic.

The lady of the house... said...

yes, what greater joy then to LIVE IN GRACE? such a GIFT to us. thinking of you as you adjust....being encouraged by your words.

love from strasburg and this woman who wants to eat at 4am. ;)