Monday, August 6, 2012

another day in the life.

His mercies are  new every morning.

I started the day off remembering I had doctor's appointments for the two oldest at 8:30 am. I was not looking forward to taking all five kids to the doctor's office. On the drive over I gave myself a pep talk. I reminded myself of grace and the importance of being at rest. As I drove my perspective changed and you know what, the visit was a success. I love when that happens.

Perspective changes everything.

At the appointment the doctor told me how puberty can begin as early as age 11 for boys and around 9 years for girls. That means in two years we could be hitting puberty here in our house. Crazy. As I was still pondering this Sarah came down the stairs with two pairs of underwear rolled up under her shirt and laughing hysterically about her newly grown body parts. I am not ready for this. Thankful I still have a few more years. :)

And at the lunch table Sarah was giggling outloud.  "Mom, look, Silas's sandwhich looks like Mary and Joseph". It does kind of. I am not even sure what to do with this. :) But it gave us all a good laugh.

It's another day in the life....and I am loving today!

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Brad, Carla, Addison, Hudson and Mason said...

Heather-love keeping up with you guys on your blog! I'm making a photo book for the kids. Can I steal your photos and the great things you said about poppy for their book? You did a great job sharing about him and would love to get it on paper for the kids.