Monday, August 27, 2012

so long summer...

Yesterday there was a few moments of panic filled with regret as I anticipated the first day of school today. Did I make the most of this summer? It went so fast. I regret being short tempered at times, annoyed with the chaos, frustrated with the fighting. How can my children be going into fourth grade, second grade, and kindergarten already? 
I had myself a good cry, released my regret and then begin to remember this busiest fullest summer yet but overflowing with memories. So when I look back on the summer of 2012 this is what I want to remember...

*lazy summer mornings
*red light green light in the yard
*picking cherries
*trip to petting zoo
*moses reading three chapter books in one day
*sarah spending her days at the craft table making art
*buckwalter beach trip
*making memories with cousins
*brown's donuts
*silas practicing for months to be able to ride on the boardwalk
*staying out till 11 on the longest night of the year
*legos, legos, legos
*vacation bible school
*bible verse pillow cases
*eden learning to smile and coo
*cookouts and more cookouts
*pine view icecream
*american girl sleepover
*family weekend at the beach
*the flood at the beach 
*watching the summer Olympics at the beach
*visiting Grandma and Grandfather at their "hotel"
*silas getting his "faux hawk"
*library trips
*swim lessons
*soccer camp
*aunt liz camp
*date nights
*work days at the farm
*water battles in the yard
*sleepovers with the cousins
*train museum
*family campout...even mommy and eden slept in the tent! :)
*barnstormers game
*silas praying for a foul ball
*silas getting the foul ball...could not be a bigger smile
* of six every day
*afternoons at the pool
*tan little bodies
*adventures at Darrenkamps
*so many helpers
*pool parties
*playing in the creek at Matt and Naomi's
*moses, sarah, silas and zion taking all the furniture out of sarah's impressive feat.
*redoing the girl's rooms
*taking five kids to the doctor's and being so proud
*date with sarah to the pottery works and market
*date with Silas to kindergarten day, McDonald's and Target
*back to school shopping dates with Grandma
*trip with the sister in laws to Anthropologie and terrain
*running into matt and the kids at Son's for icecream
*pizza at Rosie's
*hope getting her hair done
*boys painting their go carts with Grandpa
*visiting Millersville market
*birthday parties
*moses doing the zipline at the Kings
*crayola factory
*watching the boys be buddies.
*sisters playing Pollies.
*movie nights on the couch
*air conditioning when i thought i just might not make it.
*east lampeter park
*daniel's den
*popsicles...lots of popsicles
*sarah and eden
*moses's trip to king of prussia to the lego store..."best birthday ever".
*bike rides out the lane
*chilling on the porch

So long summer. I will not look back with regret but with a smile. 

for some highlights of the summer for Mark check out this !



Missy. said...

holy cow. you just thought of all that stuff? i can't remember worth a hoot. :)

Ryan and Denise said...

this is an awesome list and a great idea, made me a bit jealous until i think about our summer, we did fun things as well! love and miss you! let's chat soon!