Thursday, August 30, 2012


In August we took a little weekend getaway to the beach. It ended up raining a lot of the weekend but we still had a good time playing on the beach in the rain, surfing the waves, riding the boards, watching the Olympics (a special treat since we don't have television), eating pizza, and playing mini golf.  One of the highlights was it rained so hard our street flooded so the kids loved playing in the little river that formed right outside our house. Moses especially loved riding his bike off the boardwalk right into the water.
We had fun although I feel like more and more "relaxing" does not so much describe our vacations...part of our reality of being a family of seven our maybe I just need to redefine the word "relax". I am realizing though that what matters most is that we were together and spending time making memories.
Here a few snapshots of our weekend...sweet times together.

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