Friday, July 19, 2013

it's the dog days of summer

I got a break this week. Sunday night to Tuesday morning I only had two little girls. The house was pretty quiet. It dawned on me that this was what it was going to be like when the school year started with three in school all day and I cried. Mark shook his head. "You were just saying how much you need a break and now you are crying?"
Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon and everyone just got home from 36 hours of fun with Grandma and Aunt Carla and Uncle Dan and it is chaos. Whining. Crying. Fighting. 
And now its Wednesday morning and I am crying again. But for other reasons. How can I love and miss them so much but after 24 hours want to send them  back? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with them? Yes it's 100 in the shade and maybe 90 in the upstairs of our house but really! (And a warm 80 in our air conditioned down stairs)
Ahh... the dog days of summer. Every year about this time we seem to hit a wall. 
(This will pass. It will get better. And I really do love them!)
Today we canceled our plans to just stay home. I felt like we have been running around a lot this week. Sometimes even when it is not urgent it can feel crazy just trying to get all five kids out the door and make sure everyone has shoes on and proper attire. My Mom said something to me the other day, "They just like to take their time and not be rushed.". That stuck out to me because I feel like I am all the time rushing them. There is an internal clock ticking and sometimes I don't even know what I am rushing for. 
So we took our time eating breakfast and cleaning up and had no agenda and they have actually been playing really well. It seems like a day to just be is what we needed. To be kids catching toads in the marshy area in our yard and spraying each other with the hose (which is what they are doing while i write) on a hot summer day. Oh yeah and fighting about getting sprayed and arguing and waking up their little sister and other things that happen when Mom starts blogging...
Like I said. It's the dog days of summer and I'm going to go pour myself another glass of iced coffee!

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Melissa King said...

yes. drink that iced coffee. i agree with it all. :) we are not going to a birthday party today, just because...after 11 days of baseball, and a yard sale, we are all exhausted...we have got to take a break!! enjoy today. we know time is fleating. even if it includes chaos. and whines. ;)))