Saturday, July 13, 2013

date night perspective.

a picture from our last date night in april.
 It's amazing what a little distance can do for a mother. Even just an evening with my man away from the children and the responsibility of running a household does wonders for me. I realized this week it had been too long since I had gone anywhere without a baby on my hip or a child in tow and I needed a BREAK. 
After a delicious dinner Mark took me to the photography studio where he works and we looked at pictures together. Pictures of us and our family. The five kids that we produced by our love. The five kids that drive me crazy at times but bring tears of thankfulness as I look at the images of them on the screen while apart from them.
 And these last three especially made me cry. My baby and I.

a quote from one of my favorite articles... i wrote about it before here but i will quote it again.

"As the picture show of my life unfolded before me, I found myself wishing I could tell the young woman I had been a few things for I remember what was going on behind her smiling face. First of all I'd tell her you're more beautiful than you realized....How much money and time I spent trying to make myself into something I was not, instead of simply appreciating the beauty I had....
This moment of young motherhood is incredibly precious and all too short.
Right now, your life is better than you know. Don't wait until you are looking at picture show to find out."

-Wynne Gillis

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