Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday my oldest turned ten. A decade ago when he was born I became a mother. With his birth a desire of my heart was fulfilled. I never imagined how much joy being a mother would bring me....and how hard it would be. We always joke that with Moses it was "baptism with fire" into parenting. He cried a lot. Didn't sleep much. I tore really bad during labor and the recovery was long. We had thrush, mastitis, and other breastfeeding issues. Sometimes Mark would not know who to comfort first as he would find us both in tears. But after six months something shifted and we found a delightful baby boy on our hands. 
He has been continuing to bring us joy and delight ever since. As the oldest he is always forging the way. This summer I really enjoyed having him home. He is full of conversation and opinions. He loves to read, play legos, build and create. He is also adventurous always trying something new whether it is skateboarding, surfing on his boogey board or trying a new bike trick. He is also a really great big brother to Eden. It was awesome this summer to watch him play with her. And she adores her big brother "Mo Mo".
Happy Birthday Moses! I love you buddy! Thanks for making me a Mom!

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Melissa King said...

Happy Birthday Moses!! Was noticing on instagram that it looked like it was super fun!! Seemed like all you guys who turned 10 this summer got to camp out. Awesome!! We have your present sitting here all wrapped. Who knows when you will get it. :((