Monday, August 26, 2013

in the quiet.

The house is quiet, strangely quiet. I put three kids on the school bus this morning. Suddenly the scale has tipped and I now have more kids at school than at home. Last night I spent time grieving and letting go. Like sobbing in bed letting go. It was good. In the midst of the craziness of summer days it can be easy to lose perspective sometimes. But in the quietness I realize that I really do love a house full of life. 
I was telling the kids this morning how much I was going to miss them. "But Mom you always say you would like some peace and quiet. Now you will get it!" piped up Sarah. True. And I must admit the different pace of mothering will be nice. I look forward to watching my two little girls play together and become better friends. This is my season to pour into them. 
In the midst of the tears I feel thankful for a great summer with some great kids who I really love. It's a new season and there are good things in store. My goal as a mama is to prepare them for the world. Today was another step in that journey. A letting go. Trusting God. Watching them soar into new things.

Today's timely devotional verse in Jesus Calling for Kids was this,

"Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."
John 14:27

Thanks God that I can trust you and thanks for a great summer!
Here's to an awesome school year!

these two.

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