Friday, December 10, 2010


The only thing more fleeting than summer is....

-source unknown
This quote is so true. Wasn't it just summer and I was complaining about the unbearable heat in our old farmhouse? At one point it was so bad I told Mark, " I think I would be a better mom, and maybe even a better overall person, if we just had air conditioning". Pathetic I know. And now it winter already and the coal stove is humming and the dog days of summer have come and gone.
I kind of feel the same way about my kids sometimes. Wasn't it just yesterday Sarah was emptying out closets at naptime instead of sleeping... and now she is in kindergarten and naps are a thing of the past! And wasn't it just last year that Silas started to talk? No, that was 2 years ago and now he is telling strangers that he is 4. And wasn't it just recently Moses learned to write his name with backwards "s"s... and now he is reading chapter books. And Hopey...she's my baby right? No, she's almost 2 already.
It's crazy when I stop and think about how fast they are growing up. It makes me want to cherish these moments even when it feels crazy and I want off the rollercoaster that sometimes seems like life. Instead I should put my hands up in the air and enjoy the ride.

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AmyK said...

Yes! Put you hands up and scream for joy. Good analogy for "letting go" too. I'm going to remember your words of wisdom.