Saturday, December 18, 2010

let it snow, let it snow

So my post a day till Christmas as has been quickly put aside in the last several days for party hosting, gingerbread house making with Sarah at school, christmas shopping and cookie baking.
But I had a few minutes this morning to post some pictures of the first snowfall! This was the first time Hope experienced snow (she was a baby last year)...and she loved it. Mark came home early and took seriously over 50 pictures of Hope in the snow! She was hamming it up and loving every minute of it!
I was loving the romanticism of the first snow and the beauty outside until I waited 45 minutes at the bus stop for the older kids to come home! My heart was racing and so were my thoughts by the time they were dropped off. Maybe the snow can wait! So while I was at the bus stop here's what else was happening...

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Missy. said...

yep. that is my huge bonus to watching my man walk out the back door, thru the football field, to me, freezing my hiney off at the fence. :) mis.