Tuesday, December 21, 2010

little angels

i am so very proud of my children today. i took all four children to the dentist for three of them to get their teeth cleaned and checked....and they did awesome! i was seriously dreading the appointment and actually called and had two people praying. i am not kidding. lately just going to the grocery store usually turns into someone fighting, crying or even children running down aisles chasing each other and screaming like last week. and even yesterday at target i lost silas in the store for a few minutes and ended up pinching sarah for not listening (i am not proud of this fact). you get the idea. BUT today was so great and i was so proud there were tears in my eyes! i did not even have to bribe them or anything so afterwards we all headed to McDonalds. I am not sure the dentist would have approved but it was just what the doctor ordered!

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Missy. said...

i would surely say mcdonalds was totally called for, and maybe starbucks for you? ;) does that mean they are off school already? we go thru thur... mis.