Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glorious Morning

(pictures of flowers from our garden)
Morning glories live for one day.
They uncurl early in the morning and by noon expand ten times their original size.
They are fragile and practically transparent.
Even in their tenderness they are brilliant.

There have been times that mornings have not been glorious.
Fear and dread and unresolved problems have wounded my tenderness and kept me from uncurling.
But not today.
I will wait for the sun and wait for the miracle. (author unknown)

I copied this off of a friends fridge. It spoke to me because I am NOT a morning person. Most mornings I would rather sit at a table by myself and drink my coffee in peace rather than embrace my four hungry children and welcome the day.
So mornings may not be my strong point but I do believe in miracles and God's ability to change our hearts. So like the morning glory I want to embrace each day...each morning. I want to offer my children a smile and hug rather than wish they had stayed in bed so I could enjoy a few more minutes of solitude.
Bring on the morning....

(i know since i wrote this i will be tested on these very words. it is an area I want to see growth in. in my eight years of mothering this has always been a bit of a struggle. even the days I get up early someone will wake up and interrupt my time which actually can make it feel worse than just staying in bed. So yeah eight years later i am still trying to make my mornings a bit more glorious....)

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Angela said...

Thank you for this. I think I may copy it and hang it on my fridge. Mornings are a struggle for me too. It seems like no matter what time I wake up, Natalie will wake up too - no quiet time that I crave. It's something I want to learn to embrace and see the beauty in.