Thursday, July 7, 2011

the sea shore....

 We had a great time on our vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey. A highlight was that Mark's twin brother and his family came along with us! Another highlight was our good friends Ryan and Denise coming to visit for 24 hours! It was a great time of relaxing, late night talks, laughter, a few tears, lots of food, sunshine, surf and sand! It was a week full of family bike rides, reading, sitting on the beach, and sharing our hearts with one another.
I spent some time yesterday reflecting on our time away and looking at the pictures. Mark took well over one thosuand images of our time together! If one picture is worth a thousand words than a thousand pictures could write a book.... So here is the abridged version of our VACATION:

I am always amazed at how the Lord uses these times away in our lives. It makes me want to steal away from everyday life more. It is amazing the perspective you can get when you are not day in and day out in the daily grind of life....

"And I'll pour my tears in the ocean.
And I'll leave my pain by the shore.
With your mightly wave yous sweep them away till they are no more."
-Sarah Reeves

"We go to the coast for perspective. The petty details are left behind and in the vast scope of the ocean we rediscover what's truly important. The moist wind whips the dust and cobwebs out of my mind and leaves behind only waht's strong and solid."
-Dorcus Smucker

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Anonymous said...

love the pictures heather and mark and makes me want to go back! thanks again for an amazing week......especially LOVE the picture of matt and mark on the balcony. perfect. have an amazing week....naomi