Monday, July 4, 2011

LIFE... after vacation.

The suitcases still sit bulging and waiting to be unpacked. The cooler rests on the back step emptied of its contents. The garden is overflowing with veggies and flowers to be picked.
But I am still on vacation time. I feel full. I love the perspective a get away can bring to my heart and to my mind. And looking back on the pictures I can even see more clearly the blessing this past week was.....
We are off to visit my newest little neice, Piper Erin, and then to a fourth of july party....more pictures to come....

It is for freedom that He has come to set us free! Happy Fourth of July!

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jjacobs said...

Happy Fourth of July to you too! I LOVED seeing you! My heart loved talking to you! Heather, you are an amazing woman who has always lifted my spirits just by being around! Love you lots!