Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another first...

 This morning Silas started preschool. He went right into the classroom like a pro. That is what happens when you are the third child. What also happens when you are the third child is that Mommy forgets to take your picture before school and you have to stage the first day picture after preschool! Oh well.
Silas loved preschool and loved having something that is his special thing. He loved his new CARS backpack and that it carried important papers he had to give me. He was also very proud of his new hairdo which is a mohawk just like his older cousins!
While Silas was at preschool I went shopping with just Hope. I actually missed Silas pushing the little cart and helping to unload the groceries! He is growing up so fast!

We love you buddy and pray that this year of preschool is a great time for you!

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