Friday, September 30, 2011

"...If there is anything (mothering) will teach you, is that there is no room to take yourself seriously. Like trying to strike "cool" poses on a rug that someone is continually pulling out from under you, self-seriousness in mothering is totally pointless and probably painful..."
-Rachel Jankovic

I woke up sore all over this morning. Why? Because yesterday I totally slipped on the sidewalk outside the front entrance of Silas's preschool. Totally fell hard and slid across the sidewalk right by the glass doors where everyone was dropping off their kids. Smooth. It hurt bad. Both my body and my pride.

This morning I was thinking back to some of my "great falls". I have some classics. I have this knack for falling and tripping. And although at the time it may be painful it has provided me with some laughter over the years. I can take myself way too seriously but this morning I was reminded that it is good to laugh...even at myself.

Here is a little snapshot of some of my historic falls:

-I fell on the bowling alley in high school on one of my first dates. Totally wiped out on the alley on my back.
-I stepped out of the historic claw foot tub on our honey moon and completely slipped. Mark heard me wipe out but was polite enough to spare me the embarrassment of coming in and finding me sprawled naked out on the floor....yes very romantic
-I had two falls on our honeymoon. The for better or worse was tested right away as I was completely bruised by the end of our trip. I ran down this hill not realizing there was a stone ledge at the bottom. I jumped the wall and fell onto a stone beach that was very unforgiving on my body. A man was fishing in a boat out on the water. Later he saw us and casually said, "That last step is a doozy".
-I got out of the car at Old Navy and tripped while holding hot coffee and the coffee splattered all over the car next to us. Mark was mad but I could not stop laughing.
-There was numerous falls on the boardwalk the most memorable one being the time I was pregnant with Silas and carrying one year old Sarah and hot pizza and totally tripped sending pizza everywhere. My arm took the brunt of the fall and Sarah was fine but a whole crowd of people gathered around me. I wanted to die.
-Another pregnant fall happened when I was expecting Moses. I tripped on the sidewalk walking through the city and tried to catch myself. I kind of started half running trying to catch my balance and ending up slamming into a car and landing between the car and the curb. Mark was having a fit. Why where you running?, he questioned. I was trying to catch myself. I am sure it looked hilarious.

I am sure there are more but these are the ones that had me giggling to myself this morning. I have other embarrassing moments too that don't evolve falling but I will save them for another day....


AmyK said...

had some good laughter reading your post. thanks.

Missy. said...

oh. my. word. girl. you are somethin'. :) mis.

The lady of the house... said...

i'm sorry, but i'm totally laughing OUTLOUD!!!!