Thursday, September 29, 2011

the gift of an ordinary day

   Today after lunch I was cleaning up the kitchen and Silas and Hope went outside to play. I didn't think about it till 10 minutes later when I realized it was very quiet. I ran outside and yelled for them. No answer. I searched the yard and they were no where to be found. I started to hurry out the lane yelling their names. No answer. At the corner of our 1/4 mile lane sat Silas and Hope's bikes but they were not with them. I started panicking and screaming their names. At this point I was seriously imagining someone had abducted them. Do I call 911?
 I ran back to the house and looked some more then decided to drive out the lane just in case they had walked out to the end. As I was driving and seriouly panicking I saw them at the end of the lane in the corn field playing. I lost it. It was only 10 minutes but my whole world was flashing before me. And maybe it was partly hormones raging but all I could do was hold those little bodies and cry.
   I think at times as I am sick and throwing up I can forget how blessed I really am...

I'm gonna give an extra hug or two today. Thanking the Lord for these little lives He has entrusted me with.

"It has taken me awhile but I certainly do know it now-the most wonderful gift I had, the gift i finally learned to cherish above all else was the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days."
-Katrina Kenison


Missy. said...

oh girl. that is the scariest feeling in the world...and it only takes a couple minutes for them to disappear. been there. ugh. hopefully they are tucked in safe and sound for the night. :) mis.

My Mom said... glad as is well again on long lane. we've had way too many times like that ourselves...definitley puts life into perspective...
love you