Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The big 5

Time is racing on and today Silas turns 5. The big 5. As in now he can hold up all the fingers on one hand to show how old he is!

Silas is growing up and becoming his own person. And where Moses eats, sleeps and breathes legos, Silas is really into Cars....and anything to do with the movie and the characters. 
This morning Grandma Yocom stopped by with a Car's scooter. He was so excited to say the least...

And Silas came home this weekend from Grandma Buck's with a bag full of Car's stuff. He was all grins showing off his new toys. Here he is with Mater...his favorite.

And here is my winking birthday boy. My sweetheart who rubs my arm and makes sure I am feeling okay. Our little hugger who loves to give squeezes. And our sensitive boy who will always volunteer to pray when asked. He is also all boy and loves to be outdoors, wrestle, climb trees and build forts...which is fitting since Silas means "man of the forest". We love you Silas!!!
We have loved these last five years and what you add to our family. We can't wait to see all of what God has for you in the many years to come.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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