Wednesday, November 2, 2011

job perks

*So i wrote this Monday morning but never posted it. And this morning I wasn't not feeling so perky or grateful or so sure I should even be eating barbecue chips. So in faith I am posting this reminding myself that mothering is a great that I am called to and one that is full of rewards. I need to just let off the pressure and enjoy this season...and maybe go eat some more potato chips too!

I remember as a teenager at times getting into the station wagon and finding a half eaten bag of chips shoved into the glove box. As a weight conscious teenager I didn't understand my mom's occasional chip eating on the way home from the grocery store. I would not even allow myself to eat the sinful things that is until I was pregnant with Moses and rediscovered what I had been missing all those years.
So today on the way home from the grocery store I ripped into the bag of potato chips that were calling out my name in the snack aisle. I savored each bite. Ahh. There was only two little ones with me so together we enjoyed the chips as we sang along to the radio. I was starting to understand my mom. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a snack without other hands grabbing and asking for some. And sometimes you want to open the bag of chips before you get home because you can. Funny how these things come around.
There are some job perks that sometimes get unnoticed in the midst of the mundane. I can shop and get the stuff I am hungry for and even indulge in a few chips on the way home if I want to. I can take a nap in the middle of the day. I don't have a boss man screaming at me. I can blog, journal, read a book or browse the Internet throughout the day. I can make my own schedule. And I get lots of time with my kids.
Somehow driving along eating chips with my kids today reminded me of all the perks of my job and what I have to be thankful for...


AmyK said...

I bought a whoopie pie today with the same kind of mindset. I hid it away until nap time, however. I didn't really feel like sharing. ;)

Anonymous said...

ok, that is so funny. totally guilty, as charged of the same......mine would be candy bars and i snarf them down while i pretend to be gettting dinner together........hum....

"what's in your mouth, mommy?" they say.

"in who's mouth," i ask, as chocolate drips down my chin:)
love you girl!