Sunday, April 15, 2012

our little workers...

A few years ago we discovered the free Kids Workshop at Home Depot where the kids get a little Home Depot apron and can build a project. It is now one of our kids favorite things to do on a Saturday.  They LOVE it! It is a fun free family thing to do and the kids love that they can use real tools and in this case paint! Last Saturday they built a little bird house feeder and got to paint it too...we hung the little houses in our windows and have had few friends visit already. Here are our little workers at work...

Mr. Home Depot: Silas took a break from working and decided to pose on some lumber! What a ham!

Even Hope got in on the action!

And all the painting got me itching to paint our bedroom! I had started peeling wall paper off the walls when I was pregnant with the twins and never painted the I was ready to get it finished. Here I am wearing a mask to avoid an lead paint exposure...but I look more like some kind of weird pregnant bandit! I was blessed that my husband humored me and agreed to tackle the job! We made a great team and got it all done in an afternoon!

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