Wednesday, April 18, 2012


waiting is so hard sometimes. i don't like to wait...waiting has an element of being out of control.
right now i feel very out of control. i am still dealing with a lot of my back and specifically in my right hip. i limp when i walk and it kills to go up the stairs. everyday tasks are becoming increasingly more difficult.
i was at the doctor's today and there is not a whole lot they can do...except wait for this baby to come. i have been feeling very emotional and having contractions reguarly now so i am praying that the wait is soon up. it is funny how just two weeks ago i was still feeling nervous about delivering but now i am like "just bring it on".

Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD. psalm 27:14

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Missy. said...

isn't it amazing how that works? you would think you wouldn't have a freak out period in delivering your 5th baby, but i had one too, and then, just like that, it disappears, and you just can't wait to get it out. :) ha.ha.ha. (i am still glad i am on this side of it), but praying you'll go soon. i have been thinking of you each day, wondering if this is "the" day...i can't wait for the phone call. :) xoxo.