Saturday, July 28, 2012

and then there was GRACE...

All I could see were the dirty sticky floors, the mold in the bathroom, the cobwebs in the corners. Everywhere I looked...flaws, flaws, flaws. My external surroundings seemed to be mirroring what was going on inside. I felt stuck and out of control. Tears and more tears. I should be thankful and grateful. I have a good life. But some days I feel stuck on the negatives. 
The kids hung a rope across the driveway. Sarah wanted to have a yard sale. Dad suggested making a sign. Why don't you spell out grace. Each of you write a letter and we will hang it. Come on Mommy you can help. 
So that is what we did. I do not look so happy standing in the driveway in my pajamas holding my letter A and still feeling I should be in the kitchen cleaning up the mess from breakfast. Always something to clean up.
I helped to hang the letters across the driveway to spell out GRACE. I stood back to look at the sign hung by clothes pins on a rope between two trees. Suddenly I was surrounded by all my children hugging my legs. And it hit me. This was GRACE. I am so abundantly blessed. I am loved. I love my family. I have so much to be thankful for.
I just stood there and cried. 
"Are you happy Mommy?" Sarah asked. 
Yes....yes I am.

 "In every moment I want to escape, some hidden gift hides, if I will wait patiently and dare to live fully into that moment." ~ann voskamp~


Sabrina said...

Oh Heather, I almost cried reading this post. I can identify so much. I just cleaned the bathroom and it already smells like someone lost their aim. Again. Grace, grace, grace. I need it so much. Thank you for your honesty and many blessing to you -you are an amazing wife & mother and your heart for God is so encouraging to me.

Kelly said...

Beautiful. I always am encouraged and blessed by your posts :)

Angie Myer said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for the encouragement Heather & yes, you certainly are very blessed!! :)