Saturday, December 22, 2012


The spirits have been high here in the Buckwalter has the energy, fighting and chaos. Tis the season to be jolly!! (Hee! Hee!)  Last week I was stressed and still trying to pack up the house. This week I took a break from packing and hung the stockings, decorated for the season and have been getting into the Christmas spirit. At this point we will not move until closer to the New Year but that feels good.
Yesterday was the the kids last day at their school. In January they will be starting at a new school. We went and visited last week and thankfully each kids knew or recognized at least two faces in their new class. I am praying for a smooth transition. Sarah is taking it the hardest. Sometimes I think we are so different and I can blame Mark for her passion and energy. But yesterday as she just sobbed and sobbed for over an hour about leaving her school I was reminded of another second grade girl who cried so hard on her last day of school before moving that her eyes were so puffy they were just slits. And her best friend at the time had given her half of a best friends forever necklace. Sarah came home from school with a necklace of her own from her best friend at school. I guess we are more alike than I think sometimes. I could understand her pain and fear and worries. But I was able to move on and make new friendships and I pray she will too.

We head to the first of our Christmas get togethers today. I am praying that in the midst of moving I can just savor this time with my family playing games of uno, laughing, watching cheesy Christmas movies and just being together. 

May each of you savor the JOY of the season!

Merry Christmas from the Buckwalters!

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