Friday, January 11, 2013

mashed potato grandma

So I don't know why they call it the terrible twos because my kids always seem to hit the peak of whining and fussing at age three. And let's just say we are in it right now with a certain three year old although I must give her grace because we are just coming off of Christmas season busyness and a major life transition. But even in the midst of some growing pains I love my conversations with Hopey. They always have some humor and an element of surprise. Today was a perfect example. Here is our morning conversation:

Me: Guess who is coming to watch you tonight. Grandma Yocom!
Hope: Which grandma is that ?
Me: Ummm...the grandma with the chickens.
Hope: The mashed potato grandma?
Me: (laughing) No My mommy.
Hope: Oh, the grandma that has an Aunt Liz.
Me: Why yes! (laughing again)

And that is why I want to cherish this three old stage. And Grandma Buckwalter I guess you are now officially known as the "Mashed Potato Grandma". We all do love your potatoes! :)

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Cheryl Kirk Noll said...

Give my love to your Mommy, (and my cousin) when Grandmom Yokum comes over. I enjoy keeping up with my more distant relations through your blog, Heather. : )