Friday, January 18, 2013

I miss him already.

Well. This morning at 4 am we said our farewells. For a whole week. We have not been separated for this long in years. Maybe since Moses was a baby. I miss him already. 
I may be blogging more this week. Mark left me with 800 images or so to mess with and I have started a few entries over the last two weeks but didn't complete them due to lack of photos and time. I have more of both this week so we shall see....
Mark will be spending a week in Colorado with Jeremy Hess doing some photography and coaching. I will be spending the week with five children. Pray for me :) No I think it will be good. We are going to try to do some fun stuff while he is gone to make the time go faster.

We love you Daddy and miss you already! 

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