Tuesday, January 22, 2013

on decorating and dreaming....

Two years ago on a dreary January day I started a dream book. Kind of like old fashioned pintrest I cut and pasted pictures out of magazines along with quotes to form the house of my dreams. Last night as I was cutting and pasting some pictures into my book and leafing through the pages I was amazed at how many things I had cut out and attained. A vintage colander with flowers that I had found an exact replica at a yard sale. I cut out a gold round frame painted as a chalkboard and the next day found something very similar at Goodwill. A red and white canister. A butcher block. And I could go on. But you get the idea. 
I was marveling at this. What is the secret? Does God just love me that much? I know He does. But I think the key is in the dreaming. When I cut and paste and put my dreams into that book however small, I am opening up my heart. And somehow in that stuff starts happening. I find my dreams and desires coming forth.
I started thinking about what would happen if I got serious about "cutting and pasting" my desires and dreams for other aspects of my life. Opening up my heart to possibilities bigger than what I can find at a yard sale or goodwill. I know I wrote about this before here . However I was challenged by it again last night. Sometimes I can shut my heart down to dreams for fear of disappointment or failure. And if I don't really get excited about something than it won't hurt that bad when it doesn't happen. But that just stops me from being able to feel when something good does happen because one you close up your heart in one area it affects the rest.

So in 2013 I want to dream more. Cut and paste like crazy. Open my heart even if it gets hurt or disappointed. Believe for things that are bigger than myself. Pray for things in my life and my children's and see them come forth. 

"Those who HOPE in the Lord will not be disappointed."

These pictures were taken at our old house at Blossom View. This room, as you can see in the background, has beautiful 70's vintage floral wallpaper, purple trim and once was adorned with thick pink shag carpet. This past summer we ripped up the carpet and painted the floor. I added some vintage touches and turned it into a cozy nursery that I actually loved...wallpaper and everything. These pictures remind me of the old house where a lot of my love for decorating was reawakened. Where my creativity was put to the test and dreams were birthed. 

"Keep Dreaming and believing Mom. I am proof of that. Don't be afraid"

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