Thursday, February 7, 2013

thatta girl

So I don't read books. I devour them. Which is why I don't pick up a book all the time because I can get engrossed in them forsaking everything else until the final page is finished. Then I am disappointed it is over already. Moses at age nine is already so like me in this. He reads all the time. And he will be frustrated when he finishes one book and does not have another to start.

Anyways...I finished the book "Desperate" . Sounds desperate, I know. I pretty much parked myself on the couch the last couple of afternoons and read. So good for me really, instead of flying around the house trying to get a ton done or wasting my time on the Internet. 
I felt like it was a "thatta girl" to my spirit. I was surprised by how many truths had already been impressed upon my heart and I had learned over my close to a decade of mothering. I felt like the book validated my gift of homemaking and it's lasting value in our children's lives.  I was challenged and inspired to keep seeing mothering as a high calling. Insecurity and comparison are two of my greatest hindrances to being a great mom. I want to not look to the right or the left  but keep my eyes on the Lord who has given me these five different personalities to mother. And to remember love is really one of the greatest things I can give to my children.  Oh and GRACE...keep giving myself and my kids lots and lots of grace.

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