Friday, February 1, 2013

sometimes you just got to move your feet.

I have felt so tired lately. Eden has been awake at night as much as a newborn. Crying. Wanting to nurse. Reaching to be held. The daily routine of being a mother and running a household of seven feels like it can take its toll at times. I can easily get overwhelmed and bogged down by all that is demanded of me. And I can be left feeling deflated and void of joy.
This morning Mark called while I was blurry eyed and still in my pajamas standing by the coffee maker trying to get ready to face the day. "I just felt to call and pray for pray for JOY today". He prayed and I prayed too but forgot all about it as I got the older two on the bus and then braved the grocery store with the other three. Four hours later groceries hauled in, put away and lunch made I turned on pandora. Eden loves music and started bobbing up and down in her high chair when she heard the worship songs filling the room. I got her out of her seat and started bouncing around the kitchen with her. She giggled out loud. Silas and Hope joined us. "Let's dance Mama" they cried.  I started to move my feet. We were dancing around the kitchen. I began to sing. Loud. My heart felt lighter. Tears filled my eyes. What was that I felt? JOY. I felt happy and free. I looked at my children laughing around me and my heart swelled with joy.
It may seem trifle but it is no small thing when God shows up to a tired mama in the kitchen and touches her heart with JOY. Sometimes you just got to start moving your feet.

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Angie Myer said...

I love this post, Heather! It is no small thing, for sure :) I hope you guys are enjoying your new home!