Thursday, June 6, 2013

a life well lived.

I was standing at the kitchen sink when I heard a little voice from the next room say, "Let's play funeral". 
"Okay", said the other little voice. "I'll be the dead one."

Death has been a recent topic in our house as Mark's Grandma Shank passed away and was buried on Memorial Day. We went to visit her a few days before she died to say goodbye and took all the kids with us to the funeral. She was buried only a mile away from our house so now whenever we pass by Hope will wave and shout out the window to the "dead grandma". Kids have a way of making serious things comical. And I love their innocence. After visiting her at the nursing home on her deathbed we had a lively discussion about heaven around the dinner table. We all wondered outloud what heaven would be like.
Would Grandma Shank be with our babies we lost? Maybe she will hold them? Will there be legos? Chocolate? All the candy we could want? Will we live in houses there? Oh so many questions!
Death has a way of confronting life. It causes you to search out your own soul and stirs the desire to love more, live better. I think what jumped out to me the most at her funeral was the legacy that Grandma was leaving behind. Her legacy was 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren who were all impacted by her life and her love.
Wow. If I ever feel like my life does not make a difference its probably because I am too nearsighted.

I loved hearing all the stories shared at her funeral of the ways Grandma Shank impacted lives.
It makes me want to love big. Pray steadfast. Sing a little more...
(grandma shank was known to always have a song on her lips)

mark saying goodbye to grandma shank

Even though I did not know her well my life has been impacted by grandma's legacy. Thank you.

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Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Hope is hilarious, I don't know how I'd ever keep a straight face with her. This is great. ~Chelsea