Wednesday, April 1, 2015

bunk beds

"If there was something to be enjoyed you always included us"
~source unknown

I love this quote and it descirbes Mark as a dad. He is really good at including the kids in projects and experiences. He is much better at this than me. I can learn a lot from watching him.

Last year at this time we took down the crib. A monumental moment after having a crib in our house for almost eleven years. Eden has since been sleeping in a little toddler bed. She recently started to outgrow that little bed so we have been looking into what to do next. Three twin beds do not fit into the small room the three girls share so bunk beds seemed to be the solution. We began to keep our eyes open for some secondhand ones.

We have great neighbors and friends who live right down the road. We were over at their house during the last snow storm and the husband Tom showed us the bunk beds he had recently built for his girls. He then mentioned he still had leftover lumber and would love to help us build some. What a gift! 

So Mark and the boys headed up to their house one Saturday morning and spent the day sawing, drilling, measuring and building. The boys responses at the end of the day "this was the best day ever!" They loved every minute. I loved that Tom and Mark spent the time teaching and inculding the boys in the proccess. I love that they are leanring men stuff and how to work with their hands.

Here are some pictures of their building day...

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