Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Hopey

Here are two of my favorite pictures to celebrate your two years of life...

You bring so much joy and personality to our family.
You crack me up with the funny things you say and do and the way you charge full speed ahead to keep up with your brothers and sisters.
Your favorite things right now are "pulling" Mommy up the steps at bedtime, being outside with "brother", playing house with Sarah, and reading books with Silas.
You give the sweetest wet kisses and you love to cuddle.
You do not hold back your affection and I want to be more like that too.

We love you Hope. Happy Happy Birthday!

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Shar said...

What a beautiful little girl! Thank you so much for your kind words this morning on my blog! Things are up in the air right now, but already we can see God's hand so clearly. Not sure what is ahead but know He is in control. I would LOVE to meet up sometime over coffee to talk and would love to share with you my homeschool experience to date. Email me some times that might work: benhalvorsen at aol dot com!