Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saturdays are for Men Stuff

Friday night before bed Moses presented this boys only agenda for the following day including the times it should all occur...
Market, EM Herrs (hardware store), and then home for breakfast

Moses was very excited about his plan and even more excited when Daddy said we could do his agenda!
In the middle of the night Mark got up to check on the fire and Moses met him in the bathroom. "Only 2 hours and 40 minutes till it is time to leave Dad!"
The kid must have been laying in bed literally counting down the hours on his little alarm clock in his room!
Sure enough a little before 6:30 Moses woke up Daddy for the start of the day!

 They boys had a great morning and after a home cooked egg and sausage breakfast by Daddy with donuts from Central Market the boys spent hours outside doing Men Stuff like chainsawing, stacking wood and riding in the skid loader.
I think Saturdays were made for stuff like this...


Ryan and Denise said...

wow, it's crazy to me that he can write and tell time like that. that's so great mark agreed to do it too!! ryan and i are trying to say yes when possible because we realize how much little ones hear no. so go mark, you're a great dad!

Anonymous said...

i love it heather! what a testimony to your parenting! my boys always ask matt to tuck them in so i asked one the other night, "why not me?"

"you're so busy", he said.

HELLO! reality check! i am purposely much less busy now! thank God for honest kids