Friday, May 20, 2011

learning curve.

    Sarah and I were sitting at the table finishing up lunch. Sarah always curious asked me a question about something we saw at the grocery store. Seeing this as a "teachable moment" I dove into an explanation and ended with the question, "Do you think God is more worried about how they look or is He more worried about what is in their hearts?".
Sarah looked at me and said matter of factly, "Mom, God is not worried about anything."
I was appalled. She was right. God is NOT worried. He is not afraid of our mess ups. He is not uptight, controlling or fearful....
It ended up being a teachable moment after all, it's just that I was the one learning.

I want to be set free of this religious mindset that holds me captive from being able to see God how He truly is....

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AmyK said...

Wow. I read a comment recently in a fictional story where a woman was saying how she had children and learned wisdom from them. Here's an example of that! Thanks for sharing.