Monday, May 16, 2011

yard sale

    i love a good yard sale. i love the thrill of the hunt. finding something for nothing. seeing how much I can buy for a mere $10. i love it. i love spring and summer for the abundance of yard sales that can be found here in good ol' lancaster county.
    so i thought since i love yard saling so much i would help my mom as well as get rid of some of my stuff and have a yard sale this year. it was a lot of hard work and at the end i made a whopping $36...true it was rainy, i gave stuff away, and priced items low... but i kind of was left thinking is it worth it? when i loaded almost everything i brought back into the minivan i really had to wonder.
    after donating the leftover stuff i am now five trash bags fewer in clothes and a few boxes less in knicknacks and toys which does feel good. memories were made and the kids loved the whole experience. so it was good....but i think i will stick to the thrill of the hunt. much less work and more fun!

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Missy. said...

absolutely. the thrill of the hunt is the best part, although my husband tries to keep me accountable in the accumulating department...if i bring something in, then i must take something out. :)i think i had the better deal this weekend, by sending a small amount of my stuff to my inlaws yard sale, and LEAVING, and they sold most of it, and what they didn't they delivered to goodwill. yeeee-haaaa. here's to the weekend. :) mis.