Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our weekend.

So we had no plans for Memorial Day weekend. We knew we wanted to have some family time...to make some memories and spend some time just being together. We talked about camping or going to the beach....we decided to do both.
Sometimes times like these are just what you need.

Our "campsite". We talked about camping at a campground but we have one of the best camp sites right in our back yard. You can't even see the house from the site and it is surrounded by trees so you feel like you are in your own little world. There are no other campers around so you don't have to worry about kids screaming or playing your country music too loud. Perfect.
We had a great time roasting hot dogs, making smores and creating memories.
I did not sleep great at all in the tent and kept threatening to go inside but i had to keep telling myself it was for the kids...and they loved it!

So Friday night we had our camp out and we woke up Saturday morning bleary eyed and smelling smokey. Daddy cooked eggs over the fire and we had our breakfast outdoors. We then loaded up our bikes and headed to Silver Mine Park's walking/biking trail for a family bike ride and picnic. In the afternoon everyone took a nap...can't get much better than that!

Sunday morning the kids woke us up at six and we packed our van and headed to Ocean City, New Jersey for a day at the beach! The weather was perfect....sunny with huge puffy clouds, a nice breeze blowing yet warm enough to play in the water! Hopey loved running in and out of the ocean chasing the waves. After hours on the beach we cleaned up at my Grandparent's beach house and went on the boardwalk for some pizza. By the time we were loaded up back in the van everyone was exhausted. All four kids were asleep before we even left Ocean City! But it was such a great day...it makes me excited for our week there in a month!

On Memorial Day we spent the morning relaxing and then went to a picnic at my parents house followed by a long drive through the country and iceream for dinner. A perfect ending to a great weekend.

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. ~Thomas Jefferson


Missy. said...

oh my heavens. what a grand weekend. i am almost in tears with jealousy. :) especially since i hear you are having a vacation at the beach in a month. yay for you. so sad for me. :) ha.ha. i guess i will get over it. great pics. way to pack it all in in a few short days. mis.

Ryan and Denise said...

wow, sounds like you had a great weekend!

Angie Myer said...

Hey guys! Your pictures are always wonderful -- but I especially like the one of all of the kids asleep in their car-seats! :) Just precious!