Thursday, June 23, 2011

True Confessions of a Prophets Wife: A Father's Day Tribute

In my search for perspective this week my eye caught an old pink journal on the bookshelf. I always enjoy looking back on what I wrote. Sometimes it can be frustrating to see myself still struggling with the same old issues but other times it is so encouraging to see how the Lord worked through my life in hindsight. And sometimes the words I wrote years ago come back to drill me today.
I opened to a page from July 30, 2007. We had just moved from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to New Bern, North Carolina. A total journey of faith that pushed me beyond my comfort zone and caused me to cling tighter to the Lord and trust my husband deeper.
Here's what I read,

"If I were to write a book it would be entitled, "True confessions of a prophet's wife".
To be married to a prophet is like a rollercoaster ride. While you are on it you want to get off yet you know life would be pretty boring if you didn't get to hang upside down once and awhile or go sideways with the wind flying in your face. There are many times I want to just jump ship because I am afraid I  might lose my lunch or lose my mind yet I know I would not be satisfied sitting on the sidelines however peaceful that might look.
Sometimes the very things I love about him are the very things I hate yet in the end I wouldn't want it any other way. I love his passion and his sense of adventure... except when I don't. I love his focus and drive... except when they are not focused on me. I love that He loves the Lord and is obedient... except when that obedience costs me something.
But are those really his faults...or my own? Are the things that I despise in him only there because they expose the very things I despise in me? If this is true how much more do I need him, do I need the ride with all its twists and turns, do I need the passion and the risks with all the sacrifice and costs.
For on this ride I am finding and losing myself and I need the prophet to be the woman I am called to be." 

This is a belated Father's Day tribute to you, the prophet, my husband and the father of our children. I am blessed to be your wife and you do make me a better woman. Thanks for being who you are. I am with you on this ride through whatever twists and turns it takes.
love you like crazy, Heather

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