Thursday, June 2, 2011

a cat named baby

 So our mama cat had four little kittens, who we are currently in need of homes by the way. But in the meantime Hope and Sarah have become quite fond of a little kitten they call Baby and that is not only his name but also how they treat him. They hold him, rock him, give him baby bottles, wrap him in blankets, and read stories to him. It is all quite hilarious but even more crazy is that the Baby lets them. He goes limp in their arms like a baby doll as he is carried, jostled and hung upside down.  Meet "baby"...

 If anyone is interested in a kitten here are the pictures of the others...we have two identical black and white ones and a gray one with blue eyes. All cute and friendly...we just got too many cats. I didn't even want any cats at all and now we have six. Way too these little cuties are free to a good home!

Have a great day!

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Matthew said...

ok, they are wayyyyy cute! i think im in love with the white-blue eyed kitty...if only i lived closer:)
miss you
naomi funny. matts at school still(10:23pm) and i was just about to blog about our kitty:)