Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Perspective in Aisle 10

Perspective. I know that I keep talking about it. But maybe one of these days I will get it...truly see things for how they are. I need to keep reminding myself of my need for perspective because my view can so easily be thrown off by temper tantrums, fighting, a dirty sticky old kitchen with dishes to be done, or a carpet that needs to be vacuumed yet again. But that is not true perspective.
I was at the grocery store with the four children yesterday which alone is always somewhat of an adventure. I had Hope in a big car cart and then the three others toddling behind me like a train with little carts. I guess we made quite the sight because people kept stopping me to say, "My don't you have your hands full" and "You've got a lot of little helpers today!". Yes, Yes. I say. Got to keep moving before little hands are tempted to touch anything. I am talking to them the whole time as we walk. "Please don't run into me with the cart". "Please get to the side so you don't run over that nice lady" (who turned out to be going blind and could not see the kids anyways)."Please do not play bumper carts or you will lose your cart".
Anyways you get the picture, we were making our way through the story when a woman in her 40's with a teenage son stopped me in the yogurt section just as was about to lose my cool after almost having my heels nipped by a little cart for the tenth time.
"I just wanted to say what a great job you are doing with these kids. The are doing so well with their carts.".
 I laughed out loud. "Thanks I needed to hear that.."
We chatted for a few minutes and she went on to say that as crazy as it is now you will miss the little helpers in the grocery store. She said people used to tell her that but it was hard to believe, then she pointed to her teenage son who was calmly pushing her cart. "But they grow up and you do miss it."
Wow. Perspective.
I walked away with my head held a little higher and actually smiled as they raced their carts thru the freezer section. I quickly lost that perspective at lunchtime but got it again in the afternoon as I recalled the conversation in aisle 10.
Savor this time. Relish the chaos. Stop freaking out about stuff that is not important.....


Kelly said...

I needed this reminder today, thanks for sharing.

(I also hate the sticky old kitchen feeling...gross, and impossible to be free of. Ha!)

Missy. said...

yes girl. that is permanently playing in the back of my head most of the is short. we are not promised tomorrow. it ~helps~ keep my perspective in check, and keep me patient too. :) course my kids sleep past 6 a.m. too, and that's helpful. :) xoxo. mis.