Thursday, June 16, 2011

keep your eyes on the road

Did you ever have one of those moments when the words that come out of your mouth come right back around to you? Lately it seems to be happening a lot. Like when yelling "Stop yelling" to the children or encouraging my daughter to stop whining in a high pitch whiny voice....
So today while driving to BB''s, the amish discount grocery store, I was deep in thought. I was thinking about the book I just read by Mary Beth Chapman, called "Choosing to SEE", which was her life story along with the story of losing her five year old daughter. Talk about a tear jerker. So I was thinking about her story and hoping that something like that would never happen and then thinking back to some hard things we went through when my thoughts were interrupted by Hope screaming from the back seat, "mommy look at me". I turned around to see her showing me a small cut on her finger. I turned back around but she was still fussing. "Hope, I can't look back and keep my eyes on where I am going."
And as soon as the words tumbled out of my mouth they almost seemed to echo in my own ears. As if the Lord himself were speaking the same thing to me. I can't look back. I can only look forward to the good things the Lord has for me, for us. I can't park on fear, worry or the what-if's. I can't dwell on the could have beens or should haves. I can only look forward.
Such a seemingly small conversation with a two year old blondie with pig tails spoke volumes to my heart.

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