Friday, January 14, 2011

An everyday HERO

Moses came home from school yesterday all excited, "Mom, you have to shave my head because tommorow is hero day at school and I'm going to dress like Daddy!" My heart was stirred. That night at dinner he announced this to Mark who was extremely blessed. When asked why Daddy was his hero he said, "Because you do things with me."
So today he was off on the bus with his Phillies hat on backwards, Mark's business name tag clipped to my shirt which was way too big but he wore it because it is about Jesus and Mark has the same one, and a vest to top off the outfit. Due to lack of time and Mama's tiredness we did not shave his head but he was okay with that.
Here he is so excited to dress like Daddy. I am so blessed by his heart.

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AmyK said...

That is really sweet. What an affirmation of you guys as parents!!