Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day...

Saturday was a snowy day spent playing outside, pulling Hope in the sled, sitting by the fire reading, making bead bracelets with Sarah, and watching home videos. It was very relaxing. Sometimes I have trouble just being okay with having no agenda and just being at rest. I am learning that we need days like that and this weekend was just one of those times. Moses was sick over the weekend and is home sick from school today. Yes, I am over sickness in our house. I do not remember ever having a winter like this. Yet it slows me down which I think can be a good thing...forces me to take time to read by the fire, sit down and watch a video with the kids, or play a game of Guess Who.

"And if something ws there to be enjoyed, you always included me..."
source unknown

The kids love when Daddy plays with them outside and he loves it too. He is great at making every day things fun. I love that about him.

This girl loves the snow! She played outside as long as the rest of them. She loves her hand me down pink boots from Sarah and wants to wear them even when it is not snowing. What a hoot!

Hope loves being pulled around by her big brother Moses whom she affectionately just calls "Brother". Moses started calling himself that saying, "Here Hope let brother help you" and now it has stuck. It is cool to see the special relationship these two have.

"Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest..."

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