Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday was not one of my better mothering days. The kids had off school for Martin Luther King day and I spent a majority of the day irritable and distracted. It was not how I had planned for the day to work out... When I finally had a few moments to myself in the shower last evening I realized that days when I am focused on myself and my agenda and my plans are the days I am most irritated and short with the kids. Ouch. I was lamenting to Mark later on and he suggested that maybe the Lord would give me tomorrow to redeem my day.
Well tomorrow is here and I marvel at how He has been faithful to redeem yesterday's mistakes. The kids had off school today AGAIN this time because of snow and freezing rain. And it feels like as I have made little choices to focus on them the day has gone more smoothly.
I am on the computer now but it feels like there is grace for it where yesterday when I wanted to be on there was absolutely no grace. (think screaming toddler and fighting siblings) As I lay down my agenda for the day somehow I am still able to get everything done just without the irritability that it is not done when I want... which makes for a better mom and happier kids. And even if I do not get "everything" done ...its really okay.
Seems so simple...right? :)

I thank God for second chances and the fact that His mercies are new EVERY morning!

All right my time is up...back to the kids and the dishes and the laundry and playing legos with Moses.

Have a great Tuesday!


Chelsea said...

you're a great mom heather!!! with great kids. that picture of the sunset is BEAUTIFUL.

Missy. said...

yep. it totally seem so simple. so why on Earth is it so HARD to get it right? Here's to another snow delay, and more in the forecast in a couple days. yay. :) i can't wait for summer. how about you? mis.

Angie Myer said...

Thanks Heather, I appreciated it! :)