Thursday, January 6, 2011

my prayer for this day

"No, mama, NO". These have become Hope's favorite words in the last couple of weeks. And in the last couple of days it seems like it is all she says. I thought maybe she would escape the sickness that abounded in our house over the last two weeks but no such thing. She did not get the stomach bug but a cold, with a fever, and possibly some two year molars on top. Which equals a very cranky toddler and a mama who is also starting to get a bit cranky. It makes me appreciate how sweet and joyful she normally is...

So Christmas is officially over. We took down the tree and most of the decorations yesterday. It is funny how excited I was to put it up and then how ready I am to take it down! I also forgot how fussy the kids tend to be after Christmas. It seems like the excitement, extra sweets, parties and get togethers takes it toll on them and we are still recovering. I am always surprised by this but I shouldn't be since it seems to happen every year. The problem is not always the kids and their behavior but my own attitude in dealing with them!

Lord grant me patience and love for these little ones. I know you have given me everything I need for the job. Thank you for the joy and life they bring to our lives. Help me to see them through your eyes.

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Angie Myer said...

Thanks for that post -- and I will pray that same prayer! The holidays are fun for sure, but our typical everyday routine is even more fun (to me) because the kids are in a good mood! And the sugar-intake is limited :)
Have a good day!