Tuesday, January 4, 2011

from a child's perspective

I just downloaded pictures off of our little Cannon Elph camera. We used to use it a lot till Mark got a new Rebel in April then we only used it once in awhile and would often let Moses shoot with it. I was cracking up today when I started to look at the pictures. The card was full and there hundreds of pictures Moses had taken over the summer. Pictures we did not even know about. Blurry pictures. Pictures of his toys. Pictures of scenery. Pictures up his nose. Pictures of his brothers and sisters. About 50 or more pictures of a lego book (he took pictures of the book page by page). I realized it is good for me to stop and look at how he views life and what is important to him. Here is a glimpse of life thru the eyes of Moses.

( this picture cracks me up. hope was not so sure about this self portrait thing! )

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